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@industry provides Web-based software, world-class services and flexible delivery models - - Total Solutions to your most demanding business challenges. Our unique mix of business and technology expertise has helped make us a leader in innovative e-business solutions that add value to your business.

We are continually seeking ways to improve and expand our service offerings. Our Research & Development efforts have resulted in several innovative software models to help us deliver quality solutions to our clients. The IndustryC@t™ Information Index platform has helped several of our clients launch sophisticated e-business applications in weeks rather than months. Our Virtually@theShow™, virtual trade show platform is addressing real issues in the trade show industry. Currently, @industry is bundling some of the complex interactive features of our full-scale e-business applications into modular applications available “a la carte” for our customers.

"Despite our technical expertise and our drive to stay at the forefront, @industry understands that technology is a tool – not a solution. A true solution can only result from a combined understanding of the business issues and the technology available to address them. Our focus on understanding our clients’ business drives our Total Solutions Approach."



Steven H. Roesing, P.E.
President, CEO
@industry, Inc



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