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@industry products are characterized by ease of use, flexibility, scalability, and quality. Our IndustryC@t™ Information Index Platform is the foundation for our catalog / commerce, content management, customer relationship, and supply chain integration solutions. Virtually@theShow™, our Virtual Trade Show Platform is solving real problems in the trade show industry ( Related article ). And, our flexible delivery models make advanced interactive features available to a broad base of clients through traditional software licences or on a subscription basis with our Application Service Agreements.

IndustryC@t™ Information Index Platform

IndustryC@t Technology™ is based on a dynamic infrastructure that allows users to define 'Content Objects'. By defining your own 'Content Objects', your solution will more closely match your existing workflow and use terminology that is familiar to your customers and employees. Your user interface (UI) is custom designed to meet your needs and allow your solution to grow with your business. This innovative core technolgy is the "engine" behind our customer-centric set of IndustryC@t™ Solutions. ( Specifications ) Click on a solution below to learn more:


Virtually@theShow™ Virtual Trade Show Platform

Virtually@theShow™ is a versatile Trade Show Management or purely virtual Trade Show solution. The same innovative technology behind our IndustryC@t™ family of products drives this feature rich management tool and virtual trade show experience. Our flexible delivery models allow you to license Virtually@theShow™ for use on your systems, or as a managed solution with our Application Service Agreement. We also offer optional marketing assistance with packages designed to meet some or all of your marketing needs. ( Specifications )


IndustryC@t™ "a la carte"

We designed IndustryC@t™ to be feature rich and ready for anything, but we know that sometimes you may not require all of the features. To this we say, "no problem - just license a feature"! With our "a la carte" menu, you can select specific features to integrate with your new or existing web site. It's a great way to cost-effectively solve a specific business problem, or test the waters before jumping into a full-scale e-business solution. (Contact Us for more information)



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